Contemporary House Displaying a Neat Interior: The Summit House

fotolism_thai / Getty Images

Rectangular volumes, a simple design line and a glossy interior. A one-of-a-kind home. This is how would I describe The Summit House, a residential project designed by Habitat Studio & Workshop in Edmonton, Canada. The house accommodates fine pieces of artwork, a wide relaxing terrace and a “recharge-your-batteries” type of back courtyard. The best thing about this house are definitely the views and the tranquil atmosphere. There’s a green turf in front and a few trees, guiding you towards the house’s entrance.

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The interior is stylish, modern and last, but not least, airy. Glossy floors and surfaces, neutral colours from black, to pale beige shades, white and grey create a sophisticated living space. There’s a fireplace integrated in one of the living room’s walls and some exquisite artistic decorations adorning it. There are no doors and the transition from one room to another is very subtle manner. The main floor is accommodates the social interaction area while the upper floor houses the bedrooms. The back courtyard is a wonderful spot to relax and grab some fresh air.