4 Tips To Add Cinco De Mayo Decor For A Mexican-Style Boho-Chic Space

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Maximalism is big for 2018, and layered, global-inspired bohemian design is one of the freshest ways to execute it. With Cinco de Mayo (and summer) right around the corner, why not give your space a  colorful little Mexican-style boho-chic lift? A little bit of Cinco De Mayo decor is a sure way to add some spice to your life. Check out these 4 ways to add a little south-of-the-border vibe—and don’t forget to mix and match!

1. Add plants and cacti for a Mexican-Style Boho-Chic vibe

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Photo taken in Porquerolles, France

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2. Mix and match primary-color stripes and patterns

Vertical photo of lamp on wooden bedside table, ethnic decor, comfortable bed, woven ornament carpet and exotical cactus plant in basket. Concept of elegant bedroom interior in cozy house

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A master bedroom with a balcony door open

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3. Rattan and woven materials are totally Mexican Boho-Chic

Traditional asian interior bedroom at cozy house with ethnic decor, wicker headrest at comfortable bamboo bed, lamp over nightstand table and natural green plant composition

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Elegant and quiet bohemian room with cozy interior, wicker chair, pillows, cushions, green plants in flower pot, bed and rug on wooden floor

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4. Set A Table Featuring Mexican-Style Cinco De Mayo Decor

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poncho sombrero background mexican mexico cinco de mayo fiesta copy space, stripe pattern

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Planning on working some Mexican style into your home this summer? Leave a comment and let us know!

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