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10 Tips for Lighting Your Storage and Closets

Storage rooms and closets are the number one space that home owners wish they had more room for in their homes. Storage and a place to accumulate belongings will always be a challenge for home builders. Another factor that plagues home owners is how to light their ‘too-small’ closets.  For some, walk-in closets become dressing rooms but the lighting makes it difficult to see well. While small closets need new lighting sources for the space to be usable.  Here are 10 tips to help you light your storage room and closet areas:

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1.) Install brighter lighting fixtures: For those that have an existing lighting fixture inside of their closet, consider installing brighter bulbs to reflect more light.  Consider installing CFL (Compact Florescent Light bulbs) to save energy and to emit a brighter light.

2.) Battery operated lights: For smaller closets a battery operated lighting fixture is a good option. Varieties come in wall mounted fixtures, and ceiling mounted varieties. Consider the frequency of use in this storage area. If you find yourself running through batteries, it may be better to hard wire a lighting source in the closet.

3.) Open up space with a window: If your closet is on an exterior wall, consider adding a window to bring in natural light. The cost it takes to install a window may outweigh the energy costs to light it with a fixture for the 20 years!

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4.) Use solar tubes: Solar tubes use metallic and reflective surfaces to bounce sunlight from the roof down into your home space, or closet.  This tube can qualify some U.S. home buyers for home energy efficient tax incentives as well as keep your energy bill down, due to the use of natural sunlight for lighting.

5.) Declutter closets to allow for more lighting: Let’s face it, if you had less belongings in your closet, the need for more light may not be an issue. Take inventory of your closet and ensure you need all the contents. If you don’t, purge them and make your closet as simple as possible.  Lighting that can spread to all corners is a major asset.

6.) Install lighting amongst closet organizers: If your closets use closet organization systems, consider having lighting installed inside them.  Similar to under cabinet lighting used in kitchens, lighting can be installed amongst closet organizers. Lighting can make a master bedroom closet feel more upscale with the addition of puck lights or incandescent can lights amongst closet organization systems.

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7.) Cove lighting is beautiful: Consider adding indirect lighting to a cove or soffit above the closet space. This especially looks beautiful in high ceilings where direct lighting may be a challenge.

8.) LED sensor lights: Sensor lights that operate with a magnetic strip upon the opening and closing of a closet door could be a perfect option for your home. LED lights cost less than incandescent lights to operate and emit a brighter light. Consider visiting a local lighting store to see new lighting options available on the market.

9.) Get help from professionals: If you are puzzled about solving your own lighting dilemma, consider hiring a professional light designer that will maximize your lighting sources and will assess your current challenges. Often time’s designers can help you save money with innovative products and tips.

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10.) Visit a closet manufacturer showroom: Similarly to looking in a model home for suggestions – consider going to closet manufacturer showrooms to view lighting ideas.  From closet organization to clever storage ideas, use these destinations to grab inspiration!

Closets are often the last area of a home to be designed in extra space niches.  When it comes to lighting, it is often poor in closet and storage areas. Consider using these 10 tips to help you with lighting ideas and to make your closet a welcome place to enter. Also check magazines and online décor websites, the most innovative ideas are found there too! Freshome reader’s do you have well lit storage areas in your home? If so, tl us your tricks of how to achieve the same in our homes!

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