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Casper Mattress Reviews

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Our Casper mattress reviews and buying guide: For every type of sleeper

Casper is one of the early entrants into the foam bed-in-the-box market. The company launched its first mattress, the Casper Original, back in 2014. Casper Mattress followed with two hybrids — the Wave and Nova mattresses. Besides beds, Casper sells a variety of other sleep products such as pillows, bedding, bed frames and dog beds. Read on and you’ll see why it’s one of the most popular foam sleepers on the market.

Casper mattress design: What are Casper mattresses made out of?

The Casper bed in a box is a quality foam mattress engineered to provide cooling and support. Casper reviews from customers are mostly excellent, thanks to the bed’s quality construction. The Casper Original mattress features three all-foam layers. They are:

  • Top layer: Aerated breathable foam
  • Middle layer: Foam zoned support
  • Bottom layer: A dense poly foam base for stability

The mattress is wrapped in a stretchy, poly-blend cover that’s stain resistant for the ultimate durability. Best of all, the cover allows the aerated, breathable top layer to work as it’s designed to keep you cool and comfortable when you sleep, even if you tend to overheat at night.

The most common Casper foam mattress review from customers remarks on how well-balanced the Casper Original foam mattress is for all sleep styles. Three support zones are designed to accommodate any type of sleeper. But if you’re heavier or prefer additional support, you can upgrade to the Casper Original Hybrid featuring an extra layer of coils.

What do Casper mattresses cost?

Now that we’ve covered Casper mattress reviews on construction, let’s get down to Casper prices. The Casper Original is the entry-level mattress when it comes to cost but can be upgraded to a hybrid version with a pocketed coil base.

Here’s pricing information for the Casper Original Mattress:

Casper mattress size Foam mattress price (MSRP) Hybrid upgrade price (MSRP)
Twin $595 $695
Twin XL $695 $795
Full $995 $1195
Queen $1095 $1295
King $1295 $1495
Cal King $1295 $1495

Casper mattress dimensions are standard for no surprises. Sizes available and pricing are courtesy of Casper.

Casper offers four different mattress models

The Casper Original made the bed company a household name. But they didn’t rest on their laurels. They introduced three additional models to cater to a wider range of sleep preferences and customers.

Casper hybrid mattress reviews on construction

Casper has two hybrid mattresses featuring a combo of foam and coils. The Wave Hybrid is the most luxurious of the two, although Casper’s Nova Hybrid holds its own. The Casper Wave has five layers:

  • Top layer: Open-cell polyfoam with a thin cooling gel coating
  • Second layer: A breathable open-cell latex
  • Middle layer: Zoned memory foam
  • Fourth layer: A gel and polyfoam transition layer
  • Bottom layer: A thick support core with 6” pocketed coils

The Nova Hybrid features four similar layers but they’ve been constructed to feel plusher. Instead of the thin open cell top layer of the Wave, the Nova is built with Airscape foam for a softer feel, followed by two zoned layers with memory foam and gel and the bottom pocketed coil support core.

Couples and anyone who appreciates a plusher, more luxurious sleep experience will love the hybrids. They have more layers than Casper foam mattresses. The pocketed coils provide extra edge support on both sides so neither partner feels as if they may roll or slide off the bed. Plus, both Casper hybrid mattresses are wrapped up in a cotton and recycled polyester-blend cover for eco-friendly breathability.

Casper Select

  • The Casper Select is only available at Costco and features a similar construction to the Casper Original. It adds a fourth breathable, cooling layer to provide warehouse club members with extra value. Casper Select mattress reviews by Costco members claim the bed may be on the firm side, which could be ideal for larger individuals who need the extra support but possibly too hard for side sleepers who need more support on their shoulder and hip pressure points. Luckily, Costco’s return policy is hassle-free if you find the Casper Select is too firm for you.

How comfortable is the Casper mattress?

The secret to the Casper Original’s success is it’s supportive foam feel that appeals to a wide variety of sleepers. Foam mattresses are tricky — as the Goldilocks story narrates, some sleepers may find a foam mattress too soft, too firm or too hot. Casper Mattress reviews rate the Original foam mattress highly.

Casper’s layers are zoned to maximize support for back and stomach sleepers while still reducing pressure points for side sleepers. To best describe the Casper Original, we would rate it at a neutral medium firmness ideal for most individuals. As for hot sleepers, the top layer is designed to be breathable and cool.

When comparing the Casper Original to other of the company’s beds, Casper’s hybrids are bouncier and plush. Costco’s Casper Select mattress sleeps a touch firmer than the Original, perhaps because of the additional fourth layer.

Other products sold by Casper

Casper bed reviews prove that mattresses aren’t the only highly-rated items from Casper. You can complete your bedroom ensemble all in one place by adding:

  • Casper pillows: Choose from three types of pillows — memory foam, down alternative or authentic down. Each provides a different type of support according to your preference.
  • Casper bed frames: Provide stylish support for your mattress with one of Casper’s bed frames, which include an upholstered bed, an adjustable model and a minimalist platform foundation with metal frame.
  • Casper dog bed: Why should humans get all the luxury? If you have beloved furry friends at home, reclaim your Casper bed by getting them their own memory foam pet bed version.

Casper mattress reviews

One of the challenges of ordering a bed in a box is envisioning its comfort level. That’s where customer reviews come in handy. We looked over hundreds of Casper bed reviews from TrustPilot and Casper’s website to get a clearer idea of what customers think. Here’s a summary of Casper mattress reviews, good and bad, to present the most objective picture.

  • Casper mattress reviews from the company website: Casper’s review page has almost 20,000 reviews from customers with an average 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most customers love their mattress purchase and find it very supportive, reducing back issues. Customers complain most about the bed being too soft for larger, heavier folks.
  • TrustPilot: Casper mattress reviews mirrored what customers had to say on the mattress website. Almost 6,000 TrustPilot users awarded Casper with a 4.5 out of 5 stars overall. Casper earned high scores for comfort and order ease. Top complaints included shipping delays or failures in delivering the Casper bed in the box on time and a lack of support for some sleepers.

Casper mattress pros and cons

Pros: Cons:
Great support for all sleeper types More expensive than other competitors
100-day free trial May be too soft for heavier people
Breathable foam sleeps cool Casper mattress reviews from customers mention difficulty with customer service

The bottom line on Casper mattresses

If you’re considering a Casper mattress, you can’t go wrong with the Casper Original. Casper mattress reviews from customers rate the bed highly. The zoned foam layers are aerated for breathability and a cool night’s sleep. The foam layers are constructed with zoned support to provide comfort and pressure relief for all sleeper types from back to stomach to side sleepers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need a boxspring with Casper mattresses?


It all depends on the bed frame you’re using. A platform bed style doesn’t require a boxspring. But if your bed has widely-spaced slats beneath, you may need additional foundational support to avoid sagging and extend the life of your mattress.


What kind of mattress is Casper?


The Casper Original is a three-layer foam mattress. The bed in the box ships directly to your home and can be unpacked and slept on the same night you receive it. Casper also offers other models, including two hybrid foam and coil versions and a four-layer foam Casper Select mattress exclusively available at Costco.


Do Casper mattresses have a trial period?


Casper offers customers a 100-night free trial. If you’re not happy before the 100 nights are up, contact Casper customer service and they will schedule someone to come pack the mattress and take it away to issue you a refund.


How long does a Casper mattress last?


A well-cared for Casper foam mattress should last you longer than the 10-year warranty it comes with. To extend the life of your mattress, rotate it periodically to reduce indentations and invest in a quality mattress cover.


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