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5 Ways to Get the Mixed Metallics Look in the Bathroom

Mixed metallics is a huge trend that’s taken the design world by storm. At one time it would be taboo to mix metallic textures in a space — too much clashing. But today, purposefully mixing metallics creates a sense of contrast and visual interest. And there’s no better way to get that artsy, sleek and stylish look than in the bathroom. With all of those fixtures going on in the space, it’s a great way to try out mixed metallics. Keep reading to learn how.

Mixed Metallics Gold and Silver

Try pairing gold with a dark wall to make it pop. Image: Décor Aid

Gold and silver go well together

Combining gold and silver won’t steer you wrong. As the two most popular metallic shades, they can be combined in such a way that they actually balance each other out. The cool silver and warm gold adds a stylish contrast to your bathroom.

The photo above showcases an interesting organization: gold on top of the room against the black wall, with silver fixtures on the bottom against the white tile backdrop. The gold pops against the black wall, and the silver doesn’t compete with the white backdrop. Combining gold and silver in such a way also keeps the space from looking chaotic.

Mixed Metallics Three Colors

Three metallic shades can work well together. Image: Orren Pickell

Add bronze for another pop of color

You’re also not limited to just two options. The design above combines gold light fixtures, silver faucets and bronze cabinet door handles. This space shows how any combination of mixed metallics works as long as you use a certain amount of organization. This room has a gold theme at the top, a silver shade in the middle and bronze on the cabinets at the bottom. It progresses logically in gold-silver-bronze, like award metals. The light coloring of the room itself also helps the metallic pieces pop.

Mixed Metallics Light Gold Mirror

Subtle shades like the light gold mirror frame bring cohesion to more polar shades like bright gold and silver. Image: Worthington and Shagen

Subtle shades pull together the room

The photo above shows how you can combine metallics in a less tiered way. The warm gold cabinet handles go well with the warm wood coloring. Meanwhile, the cool polished nickel-type faucet pairs nicely with the white marble. Bright chrome light fixtures sit on either side of a light gold mirror frame.

The mirror frame is the element that draws the deep gold cabinet handles and silvery fixtures into one cohesive look, as it stands as a midway point between the two shades. This is a great idea for mixed metallics designs where contrast in the metallic fixtures isn’t the focal point.

Mixed Metallics Leaves and Mirror

Gold statues and mirror frames work as accent pieces when mixing metallics. Image: Schmidt Custom Floors

Fixtures and metallic statuary add to the mixed metallics look

If you don’t want to redo your bathroom, an easy way to get this look is to add some metallic statuary to your bathroom. The photo above shows how metallic gold leaf statues add contrast to the silvery faucet fixtures in the room. You also don’t have to feel limited to silver and gold; a copper statue could create a colorful accent against silvery fixtures.

The beauty of metallics is that any types can go together if you use a light touch, using one shade to accent a more dominant shade. And adding metallic statuary is a solid way to do that. To achieve this look without spending a fortune on solid-gold statues, invest in a metallic spray paint that that can withstand moisture and spray a less-expensive statue or accent piece.

Mixed Metallics Dark Handles

Dark wrought iron stands out well against light color schemes. Image: Studio K B

Dark door handles and bright faucet fixtures create contrast

One way to combine mixed metallics in the bathroom is to combine dark and light. Dark wrought iron cabinet handles combine well with a bright silvery color like chrome on the faucet fixtures.

However, what makes this style work is the organization: The chrome on the faucets pops as an accent against the rest of the wrought iron fixtures. The white cabinets showcase the dark door handles, as well.

How have you used mixed metallics in your bathroom? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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