Refined Modern Bathroom Interiors by Blanca Sanchez

modern bathroom
ismagilov / Getty Images

Did we receive a series of interesting bathroom projects designed by? Blanca Sanchez of Halo Design Interiors. Here are some words from the designers about the interiors presented below: “These bathrooms were designed for two large residential mansions in one of the most exclusive residential housing areas of the United Kingdom.

Both houses have classical neo-Georgian exteriors, with imposing front elevations. Both were built high on a hill, with extensive views over the surrounding estate, with views as far-reaching as 25 miles away. However, this is where the similarity between the two houses ends. The younger clients of the first house wanted a clear contemporary edge to the interiors of the project, including the bathrooms.

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We focussed on using timeless materials and highly skilled craftsmen to create bathrooms that were not only reminiscent of the most exclusive hotels in the world but were also comfortable and welcoming for this young family. The main cloakroom was a feature room, with a wall completely clad in the horizontal beveled mirror, reflecting a bespoke linear design composite stone basin, overlooked by a cluster of sparkling Swarovski downlights.

By contrast, the other project was driven more by the client’s desire to reflect its classical roots, but again with an up to date edge. The master bathrooms hark back to the art deco era, with the finest veneers and shadow-gap detailing, complimented by solid stone detailing. The rest of the bathrooms flowed from this, bringing in warm wood veneers such as walnut and oak and feature porcelain, with small pebbles encased in resin in one room and metallic mock crocodile skin effect in another”. We would like to know which one’s your favorite and why to let’s get the discussion started.