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Eco-friendly Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner from LG

Sustainable thinking is very “fashionable” right now and we couldn’t be happier. This weird looking- but amazing design concept comes from LG and although it may seem like a regular air conditioner, it is not. Attached to the outdoor unit there is a solar cell system which can produce enough power (70 watts/hour) to ensure a part of the air conditioner’s energy supply. Sure, the dimensions of the addition are considerable, but this should not even matter, considering the benefits.  This is an unbelievable idea that could really take off and be applied for a lot of household items. Imaging having smart systems attached to your appliances- this would not only decrease the bill at the end of the month but also contribute to a sustainable environment worldwide.-via Designboom

Eco-friendly Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner from LG

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