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Could Paint Colors Help or Hurt the Sale of Your Home by Thousands?

We’ve heard homes for sale should be painted and staged so that potential buyers can envision their own interior style and personality. We’ve learned from color psychology that hues can scientifically influence our moods, behaviors, and even our decisions. But is it too far-fetched to assume that colors have the power to impact the sale price of our homes?

Can a paint color really help or hurt a home sale by thousands? Through their 2018 Paint Color Analysis, Zillow set out to find out just that. They examined more than 135,000 photos from sold U.S. listings by comparing average sale prices to similar homes with white walls.

Let’s explore how these fascinating findings can apply to our current and future homes.

Shut the Front Door — Then Paint it This Color

No color seems off-limits these days when it comes to statement front doors. Trending visuals reveal vibrant greens, purples, reds, yellows, and even pinks as first-impression hues. What color truly opens doors to increased sale possibilities though? According to the analysis, black and charcoal grey. Painting a front door one of these colors could increase a U.S. home sale price by 2.9% — up to$6,271 more than expected. That’s a statement.

It’s Okay to Have the Blues in This Room

Blue is known as a universal favorite in interior design because of its harmonic and relaxing qualities. Evoking tranquility in bedrooms, living rooms and spas, it’s often used to recreate the openness of the water and sky. But in what room is this hue raising more than just ceilings? Zillow’s report reveals that a bathroom painted pale blue — specifically one with a gray-blue periwinkle tint or the like — can raise a sale price by 1.3%, or up to $2,786.

Avoid Seeing Red

Red envelopes many kitchens since it’s known to stimulate appetite and conversation, but results reveal a specific shade of this energetic hue could reduce home price by $2,310. Barn and brick red top the charts as what colors not to paint your kitchen.

So what kitchen palette can increase price? Dark cabinets and light wall color pairings (“tuxedo kitchens”) were tied to a $1,547 increase possibly due to a contrast that plays well in listing photos. In Portland, Oregon specifically, blue kitchens were found to have a 6.8 percent higher sale.

Taupe: The Living Image of Neutral Luxury?

It probably won’t surprise you that a neutral like taupe was a chart-topper for living rooms, but what undertones were behind this generic hue? Living rooms painted a warm tan with pink and peach undertones were tied to a $2,793 — or a 1.3 % — increase. Darker peach and pink undertones of this shade were commonly found on accent walls. Punching it up in San Francisco, California specifically, burnt orange living rooms were said to increase the sale price by up to 5.2%. Channeling admiration for the Golden Gate Bridge, possibly?

Better to Dash from This Color Than Dine in It

When it comes to rooms for wining and dining, what color wasn’t stirring up success? Browns with yellow undertones — oat brown to medium sandy brown —were linked to a decrease of $1,684 when used in dining rooms. In Tampa, Florida specifically, “greige” (a mix of grey and beige) in dining rooms was contrarily linked to an 11.8% increase.

There you have it — proof from the home sale experts that paint colors truly are influential on our homes. You can view Zillow’s paint color analysis breakdown here.


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