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We offer tips to help ease the stress of moving. We also help you save money by informing you of discounts like Pep Boys coupon codes. Our system updates these deals daily, so you have access to the latest discounts. However, a Pep Boy discount is subject to change at any time.

How to redeem your Pep Boys promo code

  1. Click on the “Get the deal” button. You will not need to copy any promo codes, as the savings show on Pep Boys’ website.
  2. Add all the items you want, then access your shopping cart by clicking on the cart icon.
  3. Doing so takes you to the checkout page. Here, you can add any Pep Boys promo codes you have. You can also choose to pick up your item in the store or have it shipped.
  4. Enter your billing, shipping, and payment information to complete your order. PepBoys also gives you the option to reserve the item to pick up and pay in-store.

How it works

We have discounts and coupon codes from top brands across a number of categories. If you’re searching for a Wayfair coupon, look under “furniture” or “home improvement and decor.” To get your hands on an Amazon coupon, look under “top retailers.”

Find deals for whatever you need and explore offers from popular retailers like Home Depot, Kohl’s, Walmart, Dollar General, and Nordstrom. And get insider information on sales, free shipping, BOGO deals, and more!

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How do I get a coupon code?

Once you find the offer you want, simply click “get deal” on the bottom right corner. The offer will be a promo code that you can manually copy, or that automatically saves to your pasteboard. Simply apply your deal at checkout!

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Do coupons and promo codes expire?

We show you the latest offers from your favorite brands. But once you access your offer, don’t dally! Some deals don’t last forever, so check the top right corner of the offer and make a note of the expiration date.

But if your deal does expire, have no fear! Our system updates coupons daily, so you can find the latest discounts on the things you want and need.

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