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What’s the average commute time in Charlotte? Where’s the best place to get sushi in San Diego? Before you move to a new city, get the inside scoop on its job market, cost of living, hot spots, and everything else you need to know.

Your Guide to Moving to New York City

New York City at a glance The population of Manhattan is over 1.5 million, with millions more people living in the overall New York City area. The average home price is over $2.1 million, and the average rent is $5,063/mo. Public transportation is the most popular way to get around New York City; the Metropolitan […]

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Your Guide to Moving to Austin

The cost of living in Austin is more expensive than living in the fellow-Texan metropolis of Houston. However, it’s significantly less expensive than living in similarly-sized Chicago, Illinois, or a bigger metropolis, like New York City. A

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