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Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, serial renter, or real estate veteran, here are the questions you should ask—and the answers you should look for—to help you purchase the perfect home at the perfect price. Happy hunting!

The 10 Best Places to Build a Forever Home

MYMOVE analysts recently published a list ranking 468 cities as the Best Places to Build a Forever Home. The rankings weighed factors such... Read More

How do Taxes Change for First-Time Homeowners?

You've turned your key in the door and taken the first look around as a full-fledged homeowner. Congrats! One foot in the door, and you're... Read More

5 Money-Saving Home Buying Secrets from the Experts

Down payments, closing costs, taking on a mortgage: Buying a home is expensive and more than a little daunting—even more so if you’ve... Read More

9 Hidden Signs to Watch for on Your New Neighborhood Search

Do you know what to look for in your search for your new neighborhood? When I moved to LA, my only neighborhood requirements... Read More

The Advantages of Using a Local Home Insurance Agent

First-time homeowners understandably get caught up in the excitement of buying their own place. So much so that there’s one little detail... Read More

The Benefits of Buying a Smaller House

HGTV and Pinterest have changed the standards for what homebuyers expect in a house. Even on the low end of the house-hunting price... Read More

Before You Buy A Foreclosure, Read This

Remember the collapse of the housing bubble, when lenders almost routinely seized homes from people who couldn’t afford their mortgages... Read More

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