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Optimum Internet: Plans, Prices, and Reviews

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What you need to know about Optimum internet

While looking for internet providers in your area, you may have come across Optimum internet. The internet provider is a subsidiary of New York City-based Altice USA, Inc. Altice serves more than 4.9 million customers in 21 states, providing cable television, internet, and telephone services.

Optimum internet is cable-based, but it isn’t fiber optic. That means it may be a bit slower than the advertised speeds of fiber internet providers like Fios by Verizon and AT&T Fiber. But Optimum Internet is still plenty fast. In fact, Optimum Ranks third for speed according to Netflix’s ranking of the fastest internet service providers.

Optimum offers three main tiers of internet speeds: 200 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and 400 Mbps. Lower speed service is also available, as is 600 Mbps and 1G internet.

However, if you are interested in becoming an Optimum new customer, you should know that they have a coverage area that is limited to parts of the New York metro area. Make sure you’re in Optimum’s coverage area by checking your home address.

Keep reading to learn more about Optimum pricing, services, and features.

Optimum internet-only plans and prices

With Optimum availability constrained to select parts of some northeastern states, not everyone can consider Optimum Internet. However, if you live in the area, it’s certainly worth your consideration.

Optimum offers cable TV and telephone packages, which you can bundle together if you want to. If you’re interested in Optimum internet only, you’ll be happy to know that you can obtain standalone service as well. The Optimum internet price varies depending on the speed level you choose. The table below shows the current pricing information listed on

Optimum Internet Plan Prices starting at* Internet speeds
Optimum 300 $45.96/mo. 300 Mbps
Optimum 500 $70/mo. 500 Mbps
Optimum 1G $80/mo. 940 Mbps

*Prices retrieved on 8/25/2020. Prices can vary based on location and eligibility. 

Optimum internet features

While Optimum’s availability is limited, those who can get service have access to a variety of useful and convenient features including:

  • Hotspots: Optimum customers, both new and existing, can access the internet from more than 2 million hotspots. These Wi-Fi access points are located at restaurants, cafes, hotels, train stations, parks, and other locations.
  • Internet protection: Optimum provides free tools to help secure your network. Customers have access to free internet protection software from McAfee.
  • Email: Optimum customers can enjoy access to a custom email address, as well as the use of a well-designed and robust web-based email client.
  • Smart router: Optimum provides a free smart router when you lease a modem for your service. With the Smart Router, it’s possible to keep your network secure and update your router settings from any location.

Make sure to check for these Optimum internet deals if you’re moving

Whenever you move, it’s a good idea to always check for deals and discounts. This is true whether you’re shopping for a new provider or planning to continue on as an existing Optimum customer. Deals and promotions are always changing, but here are the current deals advertised by Optimum Internet as of December 30, 2019:

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card: Optimum Internet is currently offering a $100 Amazon Gift Card when you sign up for the Optimum 400 plan.
  • Free Installation: Most ISPs hit you with an installation charge when you first connect with them. When it comes to Optimum Internet, installation is free for the Optimum 300 and Optimum 400 plans.
  • Loyalty Discount: If you’re an existing customer and moving to a new service address, Optimum offers a discounted price for two years.

*Promotional offerings and pricing vary by location. Information above as of 12/30/2019 for a customer in Passaic, New Jersey.

Call Optimum directly to ask about new discounts and promotions or to set up service: 1-866-200-7273.

Optimum reviews

Optimum Internet is generally well-rated by third-party consumer review sites, but — like many other companies in the cable/TV/internet industry — it’s prone to low aggregate ratings from user-submitted reviews.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Optimum’s internet service scores 63 on a scale of 100, which is better than average among cable and internet companies. It’s the highest-ranked company offering cable internet, beating out Charter, Cox, and Comcast.

Optimum has a two-star average review from users of Negative reviews highlight billing issues and installation problems, while positive reviews praise the speed, affordability, and installation process. Overall, the consensus appears to be that Optimum Internet is great value if you’re on a budget with measured speeds that, at times, beat competitors with fiber networks. However, one major drawback is the limited service area.

Digging deeper: Optimum internet pros and cons

Advantages of using Optimum internet

  • No contract required.
  • Range of plans for every budget.
  • Standalone internet service available without cable or telephone service required.
  • Smart router and email addresses included.
  • Access to two million Wi-Fi hotspots in the operating region.
  • Free virus and malware detection from McAfee.

Disadvantages of using Optimum internet

  • Service limited to select parts of the New York metro area.
  • Must rent a modem for $10/mo. on top of the base rate.
  • A reoccurring Network Enhancement Fee of $3.50 and one-time installation fees may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Optimum internet cost?

Optimum’s internet-only plans vary by speed, starting at $24.95/mo. and up to $119.99/mo. for the top-tier fastest speeds. Pricing changes are set to take place on February 1, 2020.

Does Optimum offer services in my area?

Optimum only offers service in the New York metro area, including parts of NY, PA, NJ, and CT. Enter your address on their website to check availability.

Is Optimum internet unlimited?

Optimum does not have data caps and, in theory, allows for unlimited usage. The company does have a standard excess use policy, which it can enforce if a customer consumes data beyond what is considered normal usage.

Do you have to pay for equipment?

You must lease a modem for $10/mo., but the Wi-Fi router is included when you lease a modem.

Are there any additional fees when I purchase Optimum internet?

Yes. Customers are charged a monthly network enhancement fee of $3.50, as well as a standard one-time $99 installation fee. State and local taxes also apply. Pricing varies by location.

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