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Find Your Local Trash & Recycling Pickup Schedule

Author: Nancy LaFever

A big part of becoming comfortable in that new home is meeting neighbors and exploring the area. Finding out about your community’s services like trash collection and recycling is also a crucial part of your post-move acclimating.

The following are steps to access your local trash and recycling schedules and services.

Trash Collection Services

Call the city or visit the website. Most cities and towns have their trash and recycling policies listed on their websites. Many sites have forms online that allow you to sign up for service, request a garbage can replacement, etc. The FAQs section includes answers to the following inquiries. If you don’t find what you need, call the department.

  • What items you can put out for pickup and how to put them out
  • Trash can sizes/weight limits
  • Arranging for extra or bulky item pickup
  • Holiday schedules and how to report a missed collection

Policies will differ for apartment or condo multi-family units. If it’s not included in your rental agreement and tenant materials, contact your landlord or property manager to find out the trash policies for your apartment building or condo complex.

Find out if your area is contracted with a private company. Some areas that are not on a city service may have a contract with a specific trash collection company. Your realtor may supply you with that information, but if not, ask a neighbor or call your county or township office to find out. You can then call the company or check their website to set up your service.

Recycling Services

With the current move towards sustainable living, many cities offer recycling services in addition to trash collection. Local recycling program information is often included on city websites with their trash policies. But there may be a separate section just featuring recycling.

Check the city/area website for paid or free recycling program particulars. Find out how you acquire your recycling bins and get details on the following:

Find volunteer community recycling programs/centers. A quick online search should give you volunteer recycling program information and collection centers.

Use an online tool. The website offers a handy location tool to find recycling sources in your community. You can search either by the item (computer, household item) you want to recycle or by your location (street address, city or zip code).

Recycle your moving boxes! Want to get rid of all those moving boxes and packing materials? Instead of loading up the trash and subsequent landfills, put the boxes to good use. Here are some ideas:

  • Check out, a site on which you can list things you want to dispose of, give away or recycle. There’s always a need for items like moving boxes and supplies in good condition. If people are interested in picking up the boxes from you, that saves time and gas. 
  • Sell them: A site like will buy back your used moving boxes even if you didn’t purchase them from the company.
  • Donate them: Check with friends, family and co-workers for anyone moving who needs boxes. In addition, charities often take boxes to resell.

Establishing your trash and recycle service accounts can now be checked off your moving to-do list. After that first week of pulling your trash cans and recycle bins to the curb at your new house, you’ll feel even more like a part of the neighborhood.

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