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Home Staging Checklist

Author: Dave Goodboy

Home buying is often an emotional, rather than rational, decision. People buy because they can visualize themselves living in comfort in the home. With this fact in mind, staging a home in the best possible light prior to placing it on the market is a key factor for a quick sale.

There are professional home staging companies who will do this staging for an upfront fee. Builders often use these services to make a new home appear to be lived in, thus increasing the appeal to potential buyers. However, savvy homeowners can often stage a home for sale without the services of these professionals. Use the following home staging tips to be certain you are including all the critical factors in staging your home for a quick sale.

Exterior Home Staging Checklist

The initial impression of your home is from the outside. Creating curb appeal is the first step in properly staging your home for sale.

Here's what to remember on the outside of your home:

  • Clean the windows
  • Cut the grass
  • Paint, if needed
  • Get rid of any yard ornaments—remember, what you think is beautiful, others may view as junk
  • Weed and mulch where needed

Interior Home Staging Checklist

Although the outside of your home will serve as the initial attraction, it's the inside that will close the deal. Not all rooms are created equal in the minds of buyers. The following are the critical aspects of staging your home for a quick sale.

  • The Entry Way: This is perhaps the most important feature of your home. It's the first thing that makes an impression on the potential buyer. Be certain that the entry way is clean and devoid of knickknacks and other non-neutral items. Remember to check the corners for hidden cobwebs and such.
  • The Kitchen: Kitchens are what sell a house. Much time is spent here and buyers look for light and cleanliness. No one wants to buy a home with a dirty kitchen. Some sellers even go so far as baking a loaf of bread or cookies to create a homey feeling when staging their home for sale.
  • Bathrooms: Cleanliness goes without saying here. Be certain that your bathrooms sparkle prior to allowing any buyers into your home. A dirty bathroom can be a huge turnoff.
  • Bedrooms: Be sure to put away any personal items and make sure the floor and beds are spotless. An unmade bed or some dust on the floor could easily turn off a potential buyer. Don't forget your closet when home staging. Buyers always look in closets. Having a stuffed closet isn't smart—make your closet appear as large as possible to the potential buyer.

Illustration by Kena Ravel