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Are You a Hoarder? Take This Quiz

Author: Dawn Allcot

Hoarders. So many of us watch shows about hoarding and find a little guilty relief in realizing we're not as bad as those people. At least, we don't think we are. Or are we?

Hoarders syndrome is a documented neuro-psychological disorder closely linked to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. What's that mean? It means that if you hold onto items for sentimental value, it's probably not a problem. People who suffer from hoarding aren't just "messy by nature." They need professional help and probably won't get better without it.

Is Your "Hoarding" a Problem?

Is that coffee can collection in the garage really a problem when it's used to store nuts and bolts? What about those stacks of "vintage" issues of Popular Mechanics? Simply put, how do you know when what seems like a completely normal collecting hobby to you is considered hoarding by your peers?

Take our quiz now find out whether you have a hoarding problem or just enjoy a little nostalgia collecting.

Next Step: What Type of Hoarder Are You?

So now you know that you might have a hoarding problem. But different people hoard different things: style, info, potions, and more. What's your hoarding style? Let us help you find out.

Easy Hoarders Syndrome Quiz

  1. Is the door to your house, and the doors to other rooms, blocked from opening 90 degrees?
  2. When you invite friends to hang out at your house, do they suggest, "Let's just go out instead?"
  3. Are your children embarrassed to have friends over?
  4. Do you have more than three large collections of items that don't serve any practical purpose?
  5. Have you inherited the estates of more than two deceased relatives and store all their belongings in your home because you can't bear to part with them?
  6. Do you have more than 10 unopened items or outfits with the tags still on and have they been there longer than a year?
  7. Do you often save things—boxes, bubble wrap, old clothes, broken appliances—because they "may have a purpose some day?"
  8. Would it take you more than one day to clean your house for company?
  9. Do you often trip over items when walking through frequently used rooms in your home?
  10. Is your bed and/or kitchen table filled with clutter?
  11. Do you often eat out because you can't see your stove top, microwave or kitchen table?
  12. Have you exceeded the legal limit of animals in your home, as determined by town or village ordinances?

Find out if You're a Hoarder Below

If you answered YES:

0 - 4 times: Relax! You're perfectly normal. We all have our idiosyncrasies and those moments where our house looks like a tornado hit, especially in families with kids!

5 - 9 times: Your collections and messiness may not be a problem, yet. Consider taking a weekend or two to clear the clutter from your life, selling or donating items you don't use, and make a plan to stay on top of housework. You'll be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

9-plus times: It's likely you have hoarders syndrome. The important thing is not to blame yourself. Help for hoarders is available. There are companies that specialize in cleaning out hoarders' homes, but it's also important to get professional treatment to manage your hoarding addiction.

This quiz is just for fun and is not intended to treat or diagnose any mental or physical conditions.

Illustration by Kena Ravel