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Long Distance Moving Checklist

Author: Vince Font

Long distance moving requires quite a bit more planning than, say, a move across town. Needless to say, neither is without its fair share of pains and stresses. Only with a long distance move, you're traveling a considerable distance, hiring long distance moving companies, and transferring children's school records.

Having a long distance moving checklist is necessary to making sure you get things done; it also helps you stay sane on the long and sometimes rocky road to your new home.

Find a Good Moving Company

Never take a blind approach to doing this. If you've never dealt with a moving company before and don't have the recommendations of friends or co-workers to help make your selection, start your search at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. The BBB isn't just a place to file complaints about the business practices of shady companies—it also has a searchable database that lets you find movers within your general area that are accredited by the BBB. While it's highly recommended to research a moving company you're going to be working with thoroughly, this is the best place to start your search.

Spread the Word

Unless you're looking to sneak out of town quietly without old friends and relatives knowing about it, take the time to spread the word that you're moving. Not only is this a good way to ensure you've got current contact information for those you want to stay in touch with, but doing so could open up people to offer their generous help. Spreading the word also extends to those you do business with—like your credit card company and cell-phone company. You'll want to give them your updated address so you continue to get your monthly billing statements.

Enroll Your Kids

If you've got children, put this at the top of your moving checklist. It's important to get them enrolled in school wherever you're headed, even if you're moving during summer. This type of arrangement isn't a last minute deal—you might consider putting as much thought and planning into this as you do on choosing a home to live in. Assuming that you've already settled on a school for your younglings, you will need to contact the school district offices of your child's existing and future school to make necessary arrangements for registration and for transfer of their school records. Do this a few months out to make sure everything's in order when it's time for them to start school.

Get Storage

If you're travelling with more belongings than will fit into your new home, contact a storage facility near your destination to arrange for a rental space. Don't count on being able to find available storage space when you get there. You'll want to know exactly when and where to have your excess stuff delivered.

Update Your Address with Your Bank

You might need to order checks with your new address, or to transfer money between financial institutions as needed. Order some traveler's checks so you're not forced to carry around a huge wad of money as you travel to your new residence.

Fill Out a Change of Address Form with the Post Office

You can do this in person, by mail, by phone or online. Since you won't be at your new home to receive mail until the days following your departure, wait until a few days before you move to do this. This gives the Post Office adequate time to process your request.

Call the Utility Company and Arrange for a Services Shutoff

Immediately thereafter, call the utility company in your new home city and make sure that the water, gas and electricity will all be turned on in time for your arrival.