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Guide to Cross-Country Moving eBook

Moving from coast to coast is an enormous undertaking. You'll need to decide whether to hire professional movers or go the DIY route, find the best prices on moving trucks, and pack up your entire life into boxes and shipping containers. And this is just the pre-move fun!

Fortunately, veteran mover K.C. Roads is here to help, teaming up with My Move to provide you with The No-Nonsense Guide to Cross-Country Moving eBook. Having just moved from California to Massachusetts in a rented moving truck, K.C. Roads shares his first-hand knowledge of the entire cross-country moving process—from packing efficiently and arranging for car shipment to transporting the family pet and staying sane through hour 19 of your coast-to-coast drive.

Download our Guide to Cross-Country Moving eBook for insider tips and advice to make your cross-country move a successful, memorable experience.

Illustration by Kena Ravel