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5 Tips for a Memorable Housewarming Party

Author: Dachary Carey

Your housewarming party is often the first glimpse that friends and family get of your new home, but it's also a personal expression of you and your family. A memorable housewarming party incorporates your personality, and it can also provide an opportunity to get things done in your new home. Housewarming parties may revolve around themes, or may simply be a collection of people mingling. How can you make it memorable?

1. Give Yourself Time When Planning a Housewarming Party

Keep in mind when you're planning a housewarming party that you've just moved into your new home. You'll need time to unpack and showcase your home. Unpacking takes a lot of time and energy, so don't assume you can move in on Monday and throw your housewarming party on Friday. Give yourself time to unpack and plan your party properly.

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2. Consider Your Housewarming Menu Carefully

housewarming party menu incorporates a lot of variables. Are you planning the menu around a theme? Do you want to provide a sit-down meal, or finger foods that people can eat while they mingle? If you're doing finger foods, try to avoid potentially messy foods that people can spill in your new home. Plan a menu that is appropriate to your friends and family, and reflects you as a person.

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3. Provide Personal Tours of Your Home

People are there to see your new home, so don't forget to provide personal tours of your home! Some people do a group tour once all of the attendees have arrived, but personal tours give you an opportunity to speak one-on-one with your friends and family as you show them your new home. It's your pride in your new home that has gathered them together, so offer personal tours at your party!

4. Invite Your New Neighbors

Housewarming parties don't have to be for friends and family only; inviting your new neighbors to your housewarming party is a great way to meet them! Many neighbors are flattered to be invited to housewarming parties, and it's a great way to build a foundation for an ongoing friendship with the people in your new neighborhood.

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5. Games or Activities for Your Housewarming Party

Your housewarming party could consist entirely of people mingling and enjoying your home, or you could plan games or activities for your housewarming party. Some people use housewarming parties as an opportunity to get things done in their new home. You could throw a painting party, for example, to paint a room in the house and simultaneously show your home to your friends. Or you could throw a gardening party, and invite people to plant flowers and plants in your new garden. Be creative in planning your housewarming party! If you do plan something out of the ordinary, though, be sure to warn your friends and family so they can dress appropriately.

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