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5 Housewarming Party Games

Author: Megan Gordon

You've moved in, you've gotten your furniture arranged (mostly) and now you're ready to invite your friends and family over to show off your new place. You could throw a run-of-the-mill housewarming party, with the grand tour and finger food and not much else. Or you could stir things up a bit—and maybe get some decorating ideas—by having your guests play one or more of these housewarming party games.

1. Scavenger Hunt

If you've got some unique or quirky décor items around your house, send guests on a treasure hunt to find them. Pick a few smaller, not easily seen things and write a few clues that aren't obvious but not impossible to figure out. Have guests form teams and go find those items. The first team to find all the items wins. To make things more interesting, you can offer a prize like a special treat or favor for each member of the team.

2. "Telephone" Tour

If you liked playing "Telephone" as a kid, you'll like this housewarming game idea. When your first guest arrives, give her the grand tour. Be sure to provide a short comment about each room in the house: your décor plans, what it will be used for, what you like about, etc. When the next guest arrives, the first guest will give them the tour and repeat what they've heard, and so on. At the end, the last guest to arrive relates to the group what she was told. This is a good way to warm people up and get them laughing.

3. Design-A-Room

Separate your guests into teams and charge them with coming up with a design idea for one room in your new house. Provide them with a poster board or cork board, glue sticks (or thumb tacks) and a stack of design magazines and let them put together an inspiration board with their ideas.

Another way to spin this game is to let your guests do some actual decorating for you. Put out objects that have yet to find a home. Let teams pick a room, some accessories and let them do what they will. You may not like everything they do, but you may get some great ideas—and you guests will have fun sharing their point of view.

4. Personalized Art

Throwing an intimate housewarming party? Give a small square canvas to each guest (make sure they've been primed first). Set out some paint—choose colors that will go with your room—and let guests paint something just for you. Hang the panels together for a unique and personal work of art. You can also do this with fabric or decorative paper if you prefer. A variation on this theme is to offer simple wooden picture frames with photos of you all together and let your friends personalize the frames with paint and other crafts.

5. Housewarming Bingo & Word Searches

Put a new-home spin on classic games with housewarming bingo and word searches. All ages can participate, so whether you're hosting an adult cocktail party or a family-friendly BBQ, these printable games are perfect. You can download and print our Housewarming Word Search sheets and turn completing them into a time challenge for your party guests. Have a small gift or tasty treat ready for the quickest word searcher in the bunch! You can also entertain the young ones by places a word search sheet at each place setting at the kids' table.

As a great ice-breaker, or source of friendly competition among old pals, gather your party guests for a game of bingo. Guests will fill out their boards with numbers of their choice within the following column ranges: 1-16 under H; 16-30 under O; 31-45 under U; 46-60 under S; 61-75 under E. Print off our Housewarming Bingo Call-Out Sheet and cut out the numbered squares. Draw the squares, one at a time, from a bowl or hat. Any guests with that letter-number combination on their board can cover it with a board marker. First one to fill out an entire row, column or diagonal yells out "HOUSE!" and earns the coveted title of Housewarming Bingo Champion.

For bingo board markers, look no further than your leftover moving supplies!

  • Paint samples: If you've recently painted your new home, chances are you have sheets upon sheets of leftover paint samples. Cut them up into squares for colorful bingo markers.
  • Moving boxes: Cut the flap off a moving box and then continue to cut into tiny squares. Cardboard makes for a durable, sturdy bingo marker.
  • Coins: With all the costs associated with moving, you probably have a bunch of spare change lying around. Round up those coins for your Housewarming Bingo game!

Download our Housewarming Games and get the party started!

Illustration by Kena Ravel


Image credit: Fuse/Thinkstock