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Sell Used Furniture for Extra Cash Before Your Move

Author: Dawn Allcot

Moving or redecorating your home? It's smart to sell used furniture before the move. You'll save time and money during the moving process. You're paying, in one way or another, for every item that makes the trip to your new space. Also, you can get some extra cash for moving expenses, or for new furniture for your new home, when you sell your old furniture.

Here are five quick and easy ways to sell used furniture.

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Using Craigslist to Sell Used Furniture

The modern version of Pennysaver, Craigslist lets you post ads to sell items like used furniture for free. Listings disappear after seven days. You must post a price when you post used items for sale on Craigslist. Some of the benefits are that you're selling the furniture locally, so you don't have to worry about shipping, and Craigslist doesn't take any money, even after your item sells. The drawback to selling furniture online is that you may have strangers calling, emailing or visiting your home.

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Going on eBay to Sell Used Furniture

eBay has fees associated with listings, but if you're not sure how much you can get for a piece of furniture and would like to maximize your profits, you may get more on eBay than setting a price through Craigslist. Expect to pay a few dollars for a listing fee for most furniture (items with a starting bid under $1 are free), and then 9% (capped at $50) of the sale price after the item sells. If you don't want to go through the hassle of shipping large, heavy furniture, specify "pick up only" in your listing.

Hold a Garage Sale

If the weather's nice and you live on a road that gets decent traffic (for instance, a suburban neighborhood), you can have a garage sale to sell not only your furniture, but any other household items you'd like to downsize before your move.

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Make sure to advertise your garage sale with signs around your neighborhood and with a post in the Craigslist yard sale section. Don't forget to tell your friends and neighbors and to set a rain date.

If you don't have a lot of items to sell, consider placing your old furniture outside on a sunny day with a "for sale" sign and a price on it. Do this only when you're home, otherwise someone may just take the furniture without paying for it.

Consignment Shops

Just want to get rid of your used furniture and be done with it? A consignment shop lets you drop off items, like furniture, and you'll get paid when it sells. Of course, the consignment shop will take a percentage, and it may take a while for your goods to sell.

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Using Word-of-Mouth to Sell Used Furniture

You'd be surprised how easy it may be to sell your old furniture just by asking your friends and family if anyone wants it. You may not get the best price this way, but you'll get rid of your furniture without having strangers visiting your home.

Be careful when you offer used furniture to friends or family; they might expect it for free. Be clear that you expect money for it. If you're giving friends or family a good deal, let them know. You might say something like, "Hey, I'm getting rid of my old sofa. I'm asking $200 for it to help pay for my new furniture, if you know anyone who wants it. If you're interested in it for yourself, I'll take $150."

Illustration by Kena Ravel