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5 Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

By Jakob Barry

However, if it’s not going to be until early January or later it may be beneficial to wait before pulling things apart to take in more of the holiday spirit. That way the home can continue to be a wholesome and comfortable space where friends and family can drop by—though once the first of the New Year hits it will be a mad dash to the finish line.

Already feeling the heat of the moment and need to get started on the packing process? If leaving most of the work till the last minute isn’t in the picture, designate one room or area as the packing station and don’t let it overflow across the rest of the living space.

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Consolidating the disorder into one spot will help keep it from upsetting the atmosphere of the tree, lights, food, and good company.

Prioritizing when packing for a move can be a great way of keeping the home together in time for the holidays. For instance start by going from room to room getting rid of trash and other things you know won’t be going to the new place. Then do another round making plans for belongings you’re on the fence about such as books, clothing, or furniture.

In the end the goal should be to keep in place sentimental possessions or belongings that make you feel at home like family pictures, pearl jewelry and other valuables, the guitar, teddy bear, and perhaps that favorite mug. Whatever it is which enriches your holiday spirit, that’s what needs to be left for last.

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If there’s absolutely no way to get around packing for a move during the holiday season consider getting the home ready so there’s very little left to do and go on vacation. That way there’s no looking back and the journey into a new home can be more than just stress but an adventure.

True, vacations are costly but no one said an overseas or even intercontinental flight has to be part of the excursion. It could be as simple as calling up and visiting friends and family within the context of an extended road trip.

Short Term Rental or House Sitting
Going on vacation isn’t always an option, but there are other alternatives. One includes prepping the home early and taking a short term rental until the move is complete and the holiday season has passed. Another is finding a house sitting situation where a family member or friend may be going away and prefer someone watch over their home.

Both have drawbacks, the biggest being you’re not spending the time in your own humble abode. Nevertheless, they are choices for being in a stable environment with a roof overhead rather than being in a deconstructive space whose days of being called home are over.

Jakob Barry of Pearlclasp.com is a green-living journalist and DIY enthusiast who writes about practical tips for improving quality of life. From pearl restringing to sewing up an old sweater, he enjoys opportunities for reusing and repurposing items around the home and believes taking a minimalist approach to life is one of the best ways of reducing stress.

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