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The Thin Line between Wardrobe and Packing Material

By Nicole Perry

As a twenty-something who has moved to a new apartment every year since graduating, I haven’t exactly invested in expensive décor and delicate china for my apartment. Still, when it comes time to move, there are those items—namely picture frames and a handful of dishes—that need padding when packed into boxes.


There are the traditional packing materials—Styrofoam peanuts, crumpled newspapers and the always-popular bubble wrap—but you can just as effectively get the job done with what’s already in your home. Towels, bedding and curtains are all great packing materials, as are the contents of your closet. During my most recent move, I recruited my scarf collection.

To ensure a safe journey to your new home, pad the bottom of the box with a sweatshirt, towel or blanket.


Wrap each frame and/or dish individually in a scarf. For small frames, you can use the same scarf to roll up two-four. Just make sure there’s a layer of fabric separating each frame for protection. This simple wrap, stack and fold technique is demonstrated below.


Place wrapped frames in the box vertically on their side, stacked snuggly next to each other. You risk cracks and breakage if you lay dishes and frames horizontally on top of each other.


Close the box, tape securely, and write FRAGILE on top so movers know to handle with care.

Another bonus to using wardrobe items as padding: I got those moving boxes unpacked in record time. I can easily let my walls remain bare for weeks while frames sit in a box of crumped newspaper in the corner of my living room. But let my neck go bare in the chilly fall weather? Never.


What alternative packing materials have you used when moving?