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How to Use Furniture Sliders

By Nicole Perry

If you’re moving heavy furniture and appliances down stairs or out to a moving truck, you’ll want an extra pair of hands (or two!) to help with the heavy lifting. But if you’re simply rearranging furniture or moving it across the room, you can turn it into a one-person job with furniture sliders.

This moving tool works by creating a low-friction barrier between the object being moved and the floor, allowing you to slide otherwise heavy furniture and appliances across rugs, linoleum and hardwood with ease. Furniture sliders are relatively inexpensive, but you’ll want to make sure the ones you purchase are of a decent quality. Look for thick, hard plastic slider with a pad securely attached to it. For a few extra dollars, you can purchase sliders that come with a furniture lifter. This lever tool allows you to lift up the furniture with one hand while placing the slider underneath it with the other.  It’s useful if you’ll be undertaking a one-person moving project, but is certainly not crucial.


The following instructions will walk you through using sliders with a furniture lifter. If you don’t have the lifter tool, have a partner lift one corner of the object while you place the slider underneath.

  1. Adjust the fulcrum position on the furniture lifter. Does the item you’re moving sit flat on the ground (a washer or dryer, for example)? Is it raised on small legs (like most couches)? Slide the fulcrum up or down to get the amount of lift you need to raise the object an inch or two off the ground.
  2. Slide the furniture lifter under one corner. If the couch or dresser you’re moving has legs, place the lifter just on the inside of one of the legs. For maximum stability, you don’t want to place the lifter under the leg.
  3. Push down on the handle to raise the corner a couple inches off the ground. Place one slider underneath the corner or leg. It’s easiest if you kneel down to do this. With one hand, push down on the lifter and use the other to place the slider underneath the object.
  4. Repeat under each leg/corner.
  5. Move your furniture! Carefully push the object you’re moving into its desired position.
  6. Remove the sliders with the same technique used for placing them under the object.

Have you used furniture sliders before? Let us know what your experience was like in the comments section!