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Infographic: Reuse, Reduce & Relocate

By Carolyn McKibbin

Earth Month is approaching, and so is the summer move season. While intuition tells us that moving consumes resources—think of the dozens of boxes and packing materials you used when you last moved—we wanted to take a closer look at the impact of moving on the environment.

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This infographic examines how much gasoline and subsequent CO2 emissions are incurred by driving a rental moving truck short, medium and long distances to a new home. We also found ways that you can green your move, such as recycling or donating unwanted items so that you don’t have to transport them, using biodiesel, opting for reusable plastic moving boxes over cardboard, and more.

Are you conscious of your move carbon footprint? What steps have you taken or plan to take to reuse and reduce as you relocate?

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