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Nancy LaFever

Professional writer and copywriter Nancy LaFever has published thousands of print and digital magazine features, blogs and web content on the topics of art/fine crafts, emotional health, business, humor and popular culture for clients in various industry sectors.

LaFever draws on her diverse background as an advertising/marketing maven, graphic designer, fiber artist, hair salon receptionist, former practicing psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor to inform her writing. She tries not to do more than one of the above at the same timeā€”it confuses people.

Nancy's Move Story

Imagine a July day with the temperature in the high 80s and a rusting-out 1973 Monte Carlo (my sweet ride!) with a Haul-It-Yourself trailer attached. Two friends are to show up to help move us, and knowing their track record for promptness, I told them a time an hour earlier than scheduled. Surprisingly, they showed up on time, but half drunk. Lovely. Who starts drinking at 9 a.m.?

We decided that inebriated labor was better than no labor. How hard is loading boxes onto a trailer? Well, it's tougher when you're coordination-challenged. In keeping with the bad-moving-day theme, my car's brakes went out. While towing a trailer. With our earthly possessions. Fortunately, this was discovered in the parking lot.

Moving lessons learned: Hire professional movers; but if you can't afford it, round up some sober pals and reliable vehicles!

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