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About Us

My Move is the resource for stress-free moving.

Moving affects everyone. It can feel like an emotional roller-coaster: You're leaving behind familiar surroundings, comforts, friends, neighbors and embarking on a new phase in life. It’s been said that moving is the number-one cause of stress among planned life events, like getting married, having a baby or starting college. Moving culminates with the excitement of planning for a new home followed by the reality that your regular life isn’t going to slow down to get all 56 to-do items done in time for move day.

That’s where My Move comes in. We realize that moving is tough, but that it's a time of opportunity, renewal and hope. We offer stress-busting checklists, reminders, tools, inside tips and deals to you and the 40 million other people who move each year in the U.S. Let our daily moving deals and stress-busting resources save you a truckload of cash and anxiety before, during and after the move.


My Move™ is independently owned and operated by Imagitas, Inc.

About Imagitas, Inc.

Imagitas is an innovative lifestage marketing services company located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

In early 2011, Imagitas signed an Affiliate agreement with the United States Postal Service to provide movers with links from MoversGuide Online™, the official USPS online change of address site and other move related products, to MyMove.

In addition, Imagitas has had a separate and distinct Strategic Alliance agreement with the United States Postal Service® since 1992 to produce, distribute and facilitate the official Mail Forwarding Change of Address Request process. Through this Strategic Alliance, Imagitas has also connected Movers with move related, money saving coupons and offers.

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